Can back pain cause other problems

Back Pain: Looking at the Cause and Effect

Dealing with back pain on its own can be tough enough as it is. But when other issues start to pop up in combination with that pain, it can often feel like to much to handle.

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San Antonio Heat, Your Spine, and Back Pain

Texas summers are intense and this year is no exception. The National Weather Service has issued an Excessive Heat Warning in the San Antonio, Texas area and it may not be the last one this summer.

stiff neck

Causes of Stiff Neck

Neck pain is a common yet frustrating issue. When you have a stiff neck, even the slightest head movements can be painful. The pain usually improves gradually on its own, but it may come back multiple times. If you have recurring neck pain or stiffness, it’s important to figure out the cause, which will help you prevent it from happening again.

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Guide to Tension Headaches

When you have a headache, it might be difficult to know which type of headache from which you are suffering. Getting treatment for your headaches will help you know what type of headache you have and get relief from the symptoms. When you have a severe headache, you might think that you have a migraine, but tension headaches are actually more common than migraines.

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5 Surprising Reasons You Have a Headache

Sometimes we get headaches and have no idea what the trigger could be. There are few reasons related to muscle and spinal health that might have to do with your headaches though. We’ve listed a few surprising reasons you might have a headache and ways chiropractic care can help.

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Can Back Pain Cause Stomach Pain?

Many adults experience back pain on a somewhat frequent basis. While back pain can be triggered by a number of stimuli, there seems to be a connection between stomach and back pain, especially when abdominal bloating is involved. But why does this connection exist? Again, there are multiple reasons, but each one demonstrates just how interconnected the stomach and spine truly are.

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Foods To Avoid While Experiencing Back Pain

If you are experiencing back pain, then it is important to follow a healthy diet. Eating nutritious foods can help you heal faster. On the other hand, eating unhealthy foods can slow down the healing process. Unhealthy foods can trigger inflammation, which will make pain worse. There are many foods that you will need to avoid.

A spinal view of bulging disc degeneration and the pain associated with bulging discs.

Ways to Deal with Bulging Discs

The discs in your spine are made of cartilage and help cushion all the vertebrae in your spine. You can think of them as small jelly donuts just the right size to fit in between your vertebrae. Their purpose is to protect the vertebrae from shock and absorb any of the impact that happens with general motion. However, bulging discs, also known as herniated discs, happen and can be very uncomfortable. Here’s are some ways to deal with bulging discs if you’re having issues with them.

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How to Deal with Sciatica Pain

Sciatic pain, that shooting, tingling pain or numbness running down one of your legs, is a common occurrence that happens to almost half of people sometime in their lives. While there’s no magic treatment that will make your sciatic pain go away immediately, there are ways to deal with your sciatic pain.