Two teenagers on their cell phones texting while using poor posture, possibly resulting in posture pain.

Texting and Posture Pain

Hours of daily texting can overtax wrists and hands, while bending over to look at phones can strain spines. Fortunately, there are often simple and effective ways of remedying such issues. The Importance of Posture If your posture is poor, you may begin to experience headaches, cardiac disease, and other ailments. Plus, poor posture could…

The people hiking with large, heavy backpacks.

Backpacks and Back Pain

Backpacks provide a convenient, hands-free method for carrying around books, clothes, computers and other items. However, you may experience back pain when you pull one on as you head out the door. Causes of Backpack-related Back Pain The heaviness of your bag is a common culprit of back pain, as you might be tempted to…

laser therapy on man's back

Laser Therapy vs. Other Therapies

As pain sufferers are all too aware, traditional analgesic methods may offer only limited relief. If you have muscular pain in your back that isn’t appropriate for spinal decompression, or if your pain is located in your knees, ankles, wrists, or hands, you may have resigned yourself to simply living with it.