Injuries unfortunately can occur almost anywhere. Work injuries are among the leading causes of disability and time off work.

Some work injuries may be very minor, never requiring you to leave your duties; while others can be severely debilitating, requiring substantial leave from your work duties. Work injuries can cause severe economic damages to a worker as no one anticipates the need to take an extended leave from their job. That’s why the doctors at Texas Spine Clinic feel it’s so important to get you back to work in a timely fashion, without jeopardizing your health or safety.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration makes it unlawful for employer retaliation due to injuries or reporting working conditions. If you’re injured in an accident, even minor, don’t hesitate to report the accident.

It is always important when injured on the job to report the injury as soon as humanly possible. Not doing so can result in the insurance company denying your bill or claim with the doctor and make you, the injured worker, responsible. Even worse, they can deny your temporary income benefits if you must take time off work due to your injuries. A detailed and accurate description of how the injury happened is also very important. Whether your injury was minor, sudden or a slow gradual onset as in repetitive stress such as typing, we are here to help.

Types of work injuries

Minor injuries

Minor injuries in the workplace are the most common and typically don’t require extensive, if any, medical assistance. Minor injuries happen when you hurt yourself in the workplace in a way that will involve minimal to know time off work.


Accidents in the workplace happen, and unfortunately, sometimes result in injuries. If you were injured in an accident at work, reach out to your employer, and OSHA, if necessary, to make sure that your injuries are properly taken care of. The key to receiving proper care for injuries that occur at work is to report everything immediately, so be sure to immediately contact your supervisor or HR if you’re hurt at work.

Gradual injuries

Unlike typical injuries that occur during work, gradual injuries appear over time, and to be covered by your employer, often need proof that the injury occurred because of the workplace. In many cases, companies can sometimes extend an allotment after a medical note has been received to help cover certain costs to prevent further injury.
For example, if you experience back pain from sitting in an uncomfortable chair at work all day, with a doctor’s note you can reasonably ask your employer for a newer, more lumbar supporting chair. If this can’t be provided for you, employers can often help find a healthy solution.

Texas Spine Clinic is happy to ease pain from a work related injury. During your initial visit, we’ll get a better understanding of what happened to cause the pain, and can help find you solutions, both through chiropractic help and lifestyle recommendations to help straighten out your life.