Jul 24, 2018 | Pain

Summers in Texas are intense and this year is no exception. The National Weather Service has issued an Excessive Heat Warning in the San Antonio, Texas area and it may not be the last one this summer.

July’s Excessive Heat Warning May Bring Back Pain

Temperatures this week are expected to range from 104 to 108 degrees. Heat related impacts not only increase the risk of heat stroke and exhaustion; it may also lead to back pain and other spine related issues.

Have you ever wondered if the heat affects your spine? Studies have linked weather and seasonal changes to chronic pain and this summer’s heat is the perfect contender to your back pain.

How Does San Antonio’s Weather Affect Your Back?

Chronic pain sufferers will be affected whether the temperature changes from cold to hot or hot to cold. Specifically to the current heat, our back doctors in San Antonio agree that temperature changes cause fluctuations in fluid levels that lessen lubrication of joints. This may cause discomfort and pain for already sensitive joints.

Dehydration is another leading cause for joint pain. Joint cartilages need high water content and an unreplenished sweat from the summer’s heat is a sure recipe to joint and back pain.

Manage Back Pain During the Summer

Always take advantage of indoor activities. Stay cool with indoor air-conditioning and cut humidity levels. Avoid outdoor activities such as sporting events, amusement parks, and even gardening. While these are fun things to do, they also require prolonged exposure to heat and may worsen back pain.

If you are experiencing back pain, try an at-home remedy to soothe and decrease inflammation like ice therapy.

Ice Therapy in 4 Steps

  • Apply ice and massage gently in a circular motion on painful areas
  • Avoid applying the ice massage on bones along the spinal column
  • Limit ice massage to 5 minutes at a time to avoid any ice burns
  • Repeat ice massage up to 5 times a day

Stay Cool in San Antonio’s Heat

Stay cool this summer and if you are suffering from back pain or other spine conditions contact Texas Spine Clinic. Our team offers a wide variety of services and treatments, all custom to your condition. We are San Antonio’s leading back doctors and spine professionals. Contact us today about an appointment!

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