Jun 17, 2016 | Pain

Do you suffer from common pain? Body aches create discomfort and stiffness in your joints, legs, arms, neck and back, and often occur as you age. WebMD found that 100 million people suffer from long-term pain, with causes ranging from old injuries to inflammation. In particular, back pain impacts 31 million Americans, according to the American Chiropractic Association, and is sometimes caused by spinal distress.

What Is Spinal Distress?

Your spine plays a part in nearly every move you make, and also sends signals to your brain via your spinal cord. Spinal distress is a problem with your spine, such as herniated discs or degenerative disc disease, and can put you in significant pain. This issue may occur suddenly, after an acute injury, or may develop over a longer period. The agony from severe back problems affects sleep, moods, range of motion, balance, and many other areas. You might find it impossible to function on bad pain days without the use of painkillers, ice, or heating pads.

What Can You Do About Spinal Distress?

Spinal distress sounds scary, but you don’t necessarily need major surgery to get back to normal. Pay attention to back pain when it first occurs, rather than waiting to receive medical care, so you can fix the small problems right away instead of letting them build up over time. Chiropractors can help you deal with spinal distress by improving your alignment, guiding you through movements and using other non-invasive techniques. Heat, cold and electric stimulation can also help soothe the target area.

Chiropractic methods don’t always get you back on your feet, but medical technology may be able to. For instance, spinal decompression is a procedure in which you lay in a machine designed to separate vertebrae in order to alleviate any nerve problems. This process can bring your pain down to a manageable level or even fix your spinal distress entirely.

You never know how much depends on a healthy spine until you run into problems. However, chronic back pain and other discomforts don’t have to be a part of your everyday life. Contact the Texas Spine Clinic to get help with spinal distress through non-invasive techniques and comprehensive treatment plans that are designed for your unique needs.

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