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Sciatic pain, that shooting, tingling pain or numbness running down one of your legs, is a common occurrence that happens to almost half of people sometime in their lives. While there’s no magic treatment that will make your sciatic pain go away immediately, there are ways to deal with your sciatic pain.

Start with Chiropractic Treatment

The best way to deal with sciatic pain is to be treated by a chiropractic back pain doctor. They will be able to identify and find the best path for the quickest treatment to relieve your sciatic pain. Depending on the severity of your sciatica, treatments can range from once to multiple times a week. A chiropractor will be able to soothe the source of the pain and get you on the immediate road to recovery.

Do Yoga

Stretching and exercising with yoga can drastically reduce pain between chiropractic visits while experiencing sciatica symptoms. Focus on poses that are good for spinal health, and poses that open the hips up. Pigeon and child poses are both very beneficial for your back and opening your hips.

Light Exercise

Taking it easy and lying in bed will most often make sciatica symptoms last longer. Instead, take a 15-30 minute walk, go swimming, or perform other light aerobic exercises. These will open up the nerves in your lower back and legs and promote circulation throughout your spine and muscles, assisting pain relief.

Eat healthier

While experiencing symptoms of sciatica, make sure to consume healthy, vitamin- and calcium-rich foods to provide your body with the nutrients to heal your sciatic pain. Consuming natural anti-inflammatory foods, such as tomatoes, leafy greens, and nuts can also help with pain.

Mild Anti-inflammatory

When dealing with harsh pains, anti-inflammatory medicine like ibuprofen can provide temporary relief from sciatic pain. In rare cases of extreme pain, your doctor may prescribe muscle relaxers to ease the tension shooting down your leg.

Keep on your feet

Despite the pain, make sure not to sit or lay down for too long of a period of time. Sciatica can last significantly longer without proper movement, so work through the discomfort to help lessen the time sciatica will occur. Try to stand up from your chair, workplace, or bench more frequently than normal, and move around.

When you’re dealing with sciatic pain, make sure to contact Texas Spine Clinic to start your road to recovery immediately.

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