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Tips for a Healthy Back and Spine

An injured or unhealthy spine affects your entire range of motion and can make even the simplest daily task feel impossible. For severe injuries, seeing a specialist is recommended. However, there are several changes you can make in your own life to avoid back injury or prevent small aches and pains from becoming serious issues.

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Do I Have Spinal Stenosis?

As we age, our bodies experience the natural wear-and-tear of daily life—something we notice readily in places like the skin or our vision and mobility. However, the spine is also subject to this process of degeneration. One of the most common conditions people experience as they age is spinal stenosis.

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Preventing Injury When Exercising

Exercise injuries happen to everyone from beginners to professional athletes. A surprising fact to most, preventing exercise injuries has more to do with how you exercise rather than how well you exercise. The following suggestions can help you get the most out of your physical activity, free of pain, injury, and incident

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New Website Launch

With new technology rolling out every year and the internet changing daily, we here at the Texas Spine Clinic strive to find new innovative ways to get our information out to you! With that being said, we’re happy to announce the launch of our brand new website