Jan 24, 2017 | Spinal Health

Hours of daily texting can overtax wrists and hands, while bending over to look at phones can strain spines. Fortunately, there are often simple and effective ways of remedying such issues.

The Importance of Posture

If your posture is poor, you may begin to experience headaches, cardiac disease, and other ailments. Plus, poor posture could squeeze your digestive organs, which means they might not function at peak levels.

How can you tell if your texting position is problematic? Sit in front of a full-length mirror, take out your phone, and assume your texting stance.

Are yourshoulders hunched? Is your back curved? Does your head lean forward? Your posture needs work if you answered “yes” to any of these questions. You are not alone, either; many people do not fully realize the severity of the problem.

Improving Your Posture

For better posture, get a phone holder and place it at your eye level when you are seated. When you are standing, hold your phone high enough tolook down at the screen while keeping your head up. Moreover, use headsets so you need not hunch forward as much.

Take walk breaks throughout the day, and regularly exercise your core. A strong core helps your posture greatly, and by taking breaks, you prevent your joints and muscles from becoming overly tense. In this regard, yoga can be helpful.

Exhausted Hands and Wrists

Heavy phone usage can tire and inflame your hands’ muscles and tendons. It can also worsen a preexisting malady like tendinitis. To reverse this situation, rely on speech-to-text apps, which will reduce the amount of typing you need to do.

Furthermore, stretches can alleviate hand and wrist pain. Extend your arm and slowly turn it so that your palm faces the ceiling, and then the floor, and then the ceiling again, and so on.

Next, press your palms together tightly, with your fingers and thumbs pointing upward. Try flexing your fingers. Make a fist before straightening your fingers out all the way, and repeat this motion several times.

Holding your hand in front of you, move your thumb all the way to the other side of your palm. Press it against your palm for a few seconds, and return it to its natural position.
If possible, do these stretches for at least 30 seconds each hour.

A Pain-Free Life

Always consult your doctor if pain persists or is excruciating. Moreover, those with back pain in San Antonio could certainly benefit from Texas Spine Clinic’s chiropractic experts.

If you are mindful about your posture and habitually perform basic stretches and exercises, you can begin to strengthen your spine, neck, hands, and wrists. Better yet, you may be able to keep potentially debilitating pain at bay.

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