May 11, 2016 | Spinal Health

As pain sufferers are all too aware, traditional analgesic methods may offer only limited relief. If you have muscular pain in your back that isn’t appropriate for spinal decompression, or if your pain is located in your knees, ankles, wrists, or hands, you may have resigned yourself to simply living with it.

LiteCure laser therapy offers a fresh approach to pain relief that penetrates your muscles and brings lasting healing. Here’s why this therapy is so much more effective than the other ones that people try:

Numerous Therapies to Sort Through

The presence of pain creates an urgent need for relief. Over the years, people have attempted countless forms of relief. Some of them, such opioid drugs and marijuana, are tightly restricted by the law and cause a variety of side effects. Others, like acupuncture, herbal remedies, aromatherapy and yoga, don’t have scientific research proving their effectiveness. Each person’s reaction to pain is highly individual, however, and you may wish to add your favorite form of relaxation or alternative remedy to laser light therapy. You can feel confident that no other treatment will interfere with the benefits of laser therapy.

Laser Therapy is Internal

The exciting thing about the use of lasers is that they work to promote tissue healing from the inside out — and yet they accomplish this without requiring any sort of surgery or invasive procedure. Unlike external efforts to control muscle pain, such as applications of cold, heat or massage, the photons from the LCT-1000 penetrate deep into your injured tissues. This specialized wavelength of light is entirely different from those used for internal vein cauterization. The LCT-1000 produces no excess heat; instead, it causes a deeply soothing sensation of mild warmth in the affected areas. This warmth indicates the beginning of a cellular-level healing process at the problem site.

FDA Approved with No Side Effects

Too often, the frustration of trying to live with chronic pain due to accident, injury or inflammation leads to habit-forming dependency on pain medications. News reports are filled with statistics of pain patients who turned to opioid drugs in an effort to treat their ongoing discomfort and then subsequently developed a second problem with drug dependency. The FDA-approved deep tissue healing offered by laser therapy is 100 percent free of all such side effects. There simply is no possible way that this therapy can harm your body.

Long Term Relief Due to Cellular Nourishment

Medical researchers in England and around the world have produced studies showing the effectiveness of laser therapy on lower back pain and neck pain. The mechanism by which this therapy works is by increasing circulation and causing a physiological reaction in the cells that regenerates damaged tissue.
When your actual internal tissue damage is treated with penetrating photons, you can look forward to an increasingly pain-free future.

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